Sefo Kanuteh and Layil Barr

Sefo has recently started a music collaboration with Layil Barr.   Layil is an Israeli born recorder and viol player.   She is the cofounder and director of Eclipse and Mi Luna, creating unique programmes of fusion of music and dance.    Layil has played for many Early music and world music ensembles including Jordi Savall’s La Concert Des Nation.

Sefo Kanuteh and Layil Barr

Layil and Sefo have undoubtedly had some rich and diverse experiences from across the world. This cross culture collaboration is designed to bring the spirit of their experiences to sound.

In future they have plans for performances with other art forms and media, to bring cross cultural stories alive and there’s a CD in the pipeline.

For now, enjoy two excerpts from their wonderful performance at Bury St Edmunds on Saturday







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