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12TH APRIL 2021

Adouna Album Cover.jpg


OUT 14TH MAY 2021

Afou Album Cover.jpg


OUT 21ST MAY 2021

Sefo Kanuteh is a virtuosic, soulful and authentic Kora and Balafon player from The Gambia. Having worked closely on major projects with artists such as Baba Maal and The BKO Quintet, his drive to recreate the warmth of his home community in the UK is shown through his inspiring audience engagement during performances, as well as his various workshops throughout Europe teaching the importance of Gambian culture.


Bringing his love for community spirit from Gambia to his adopted hometown Norwich, he feels it is important to teach our Western society how to come together, support each other and to slow down, rather than retreating and letting societal fear define our actions. He often stresses that “Our lives are so stressful and fast paced, and often so isolated that we often don’t even know our own neighbours!”, and that “Gambia is poor, but everyone is still smiling - here, it’s different.” His favourite aspect of performing is being able to share his culture with new audiences, inspiring them to adopt a more joyous way of life through music - so much so, that when he’s not performing or writing, Sefo also works as a care worker with a passion for helping people through tough times. His latest release sees him launching not one, but two new albums next month, funded by

Arts Council England.

The first, “Adouna”, was recorded in The Gambia in 2020 featuring his full band, and fully embraces and celebrates his roots and all aspects of Sefo as an artist and as a person. The second, “Afou”, recorded in collaboration with some incredible UK musicians, is an acoustic album and showcases his instruments in a completely different acoustic setting - it calls for a more ambient, relaxed atmosphere, with aims to encourage audiences to find their inner peace.

Both albums are promised to come from a place of immeasurable passion and love for his country and its ancestry, and signify a coming-together of two very different cultures, a message that Sefo believes is vital in these times. Sefo Kanuteh’s Arts Council England funded tour will perform at 12 UK venues & festivals between 29th May - 2nd October 2021 (see website for details), including Nottingham Playhouse, Sheringham Little Theatre, Bearded Theory Festival & Maui Waui Festival. Each date will showcase a singing & Kora workshop with Sefo Kanuteh and a live performance with his full band.

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