Workshops and teaching

Sefo’s music has been described as mesmerising and magical.   He  passes this essence on to his pupils through the education work he does.

Working with children in the UK

Thanks for your patient teaching

He communicates with sensitivity therefore pupils and workshop participants pick up guidance gently.   This makes for a very musical experience and one where pupils don’t realise they are in an overt education setting.

Thanks so much for a lovely session today Sefo

Weekly workshop with Sefo in Norfolk

Sefo works with adults, children and can travel abroad too.   Get in contact to have a lesson, join in one of Sefo’s existing workshops or book Sefo for a festival workshop.

Working with children in The Gambia


Your style of teaching suits me very well in that you teach us beautiful African songs that you play to us first, then break it down into a manageable phrase and teach us the necessary chords